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Dna, fiction and society; how it affects attention - beliefs


A book called the Seven Daughters of Eve by Richard Sykes is admirable of a read and talks about what we have erudite about the flow of human beings populations by means of DNA research. Thus it is safe to say that a selection of members of our species have residential another way and in another ways, denotation the brain also learns differently. As Scientists look at altered human brains while doing a number of tasks and watch which areas light up with energy as it works all through these altered feelings and tasks we are decision just how exceptional and assorted each mind certainly is.

Yet as we learn more about the brain we actually add more questions to our studies. Why does man need to think. Why does mankind feel the need to share these feelings and concepts in their writings? It appears that the flow of belief may be the distinct most critical part of life. The administer of brain wave is doubtless the free most chief part of human life. "I think therefore, I am" Are you, is that it? So what is it with this large complicated body? Is it to serve the brain? Or is the brain to serve the body? With these questions and the philosophers of prior periods and the writers and thinkers of today we can all agree that attention is one of the most critical parts of self and of human life, if not the only true central part of life.

Then why do we allow belief to be prohibited by religion, governments, other men? If we study the dialogues of Plato, Galelio, Copernicus, etc. we see that man has often quiet accepted wisdom and that often fiction is the only way to allow for truth or thought. So we hence live in a world with a chronicle of imprisoning rebel or disagreeing views. But for mankind to move ahead we need to stop this and allow free thought. As we see current day ancestors of deep attention endeavor to bring forth their discoveries and enlightenment, we see them doing so by way of fictional works. We see great belief in our movies, novels, stories; why ought to we have to hide truths in fairy tales. Why can't we know adapt to the next level lacking such enforced barriers? Think about it?

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