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Money is time, a commodity which can be used to gage worth in abide by to the time desired to construct, design, build, assemble, mine or in other ways accomplish a task, the conception of a product, a skill, an idea or any selfish value. The value of a money changes from minute to instant depending on who possesses it at any certain point in time.

Time is the value of money, or instead the total of your time that you are eager to trade for amazing you want or may need.

We all start out with a restricted sum of this commodity, it is often taken for granted, and it's perception is very attentively connected to the age of its possessor. It is an mysterious magnitude exceptional to us by the deafening power, designer or God of our selected belief and it is given to us to consume as we may desire. Our time can be joint together, used to accomplish tasks, learn new things, exchanged for cloth needs or wants, enjoyed or wasted, but it cannot be deposited into some other personnel account. Each person's time is theirs alone to use and to agree on its true value.

Let's conceive of for a jiffy that dough in the hands of a struggling drifter worker, a big shot has told him that an hour of his time is worth six dollars and his wants or needs are worth more in the "time is money" equation. He is and will continue a poor man. Take that dough and put it in the hand of a Wall Road executive, who a big name has gritty deserves a six appear yearly earnings and approximate its worth. This is a wealthy man and might linger so as long as his time is perceived to be of more value than the poor drifting worker.

Who is this magical a big name that has firm this value, and why. Truly it can be said that the drifting member of staff will not care about import or promotion stock and may not even be aware of the stock market. He will never need the time allocated this wealthy person. By the same token a few it can be said that at some time this wealthy character will want or need the churn out gathered by this poor emigrant worker. Just as a few it is disbelieving that the wealthy person, not all but most, has no idea how or when to gather, plant or encourage this produce. The wealthy man definitely does need the poor man. Whose time is actually of better value, who can continue to exist exclusive of the other? Oh magical someone, delight tell me how you affect value. Now assume if this poor man could sell an hour of his life to this wealthy anyone for deposit into his life's time account, added to the restricted amount exceptional to him. What then would be the worth of this hour? In terms of time and money it is understandable to some extent that the time left over in any exact people bill may be conceived to be of a better value when gauged by the quantity of this commodity they have sacrificed at an earlier time in their life, in their trade for data or skills. Truly, I too place a larger value on a selection of peoples time. I am feeble to adjust the buck value, which has been dogged by the magic someone, and very often I am not in arrangement with the mystic someone, but they are a authoritative force. They have not given us a phone come to or concentrate on with which we may call them and definite our disagreements. They are self bendable and seem to favor the wealthy in decisive the value of that same hour able to each of us by the true powers of our beliefs. Question how an material group can place a value on a commodity which they themselves cannot calculate or control. Can there be a Central Time Depository? Are they the magical someone? Does everybody out there hear me or care?

I write this and ask these questions from the perspective of a central aged person, but wait, is this certainly the average of my life? Can the mystic a big shot tell me? Must I count on more dollars now for each of my lasting hours?

I in recent times went to a Lawyer to do a bit which was not overly dense in nature. Numinous a celebrity had told this lawyer his time was worth two hundred and twenty five dollars for each hour. I would not need this lawyer but for the convolution of the laws involved. Who do you think made these laws so center that I would need a lawyer? The conference built-in my wife, for my part and the lawyer in the same room, at the same desk and for the same hour. This precious hour exceptional to us each was consumed, sacrificed, spent, never to be re-deposited into our time accounts. One hour of my wife's time, value equaled zero dollars, my time the same, the lawyer's hour was satisfied with two hundred and twenty five of these dollars. We each withdrew from our time the books the same amount, but the lawyer exchanged his hour for a atypical data commodity which he could put in a assorted material account.

Excuse me magical someone, I did not ask anybody to make difficult this issue, I did not need this to be obscured in on paper text nor misrepresented or interpreted to be a center thing. Why have you given this value to my lawyer's hour and not to mine. Are not both of our hours irreplaceable? Oh, I forgot, you can't answer, as you have not a phone or attend to to where I might address my inquiry.

I would bet that the poor drifting employee would not need to part with this many dollars for this reason. This conference was in regards to a real estate transaction, the same kind performed in other areas on a handshake. Curiously this is one of the few duties firstly performed in this country, only by lawyers.

Oh magical someone, I was told our affair model was based on contribute and demand, there are adequate of lawyers, I am told I need one, but I would fairly not get one, so my call is low. Does this alteration the cash value of his exceptional hour?

I often joke about teachers to my family. Not out of contempt for the profession, but more of a commotion as to the buck value of their hour. In my area, teachers are paid very well and pay raises are based on their level of learning or degrees held, not on performance, aptitude or the grade level they teach. I contend that to teach a class of third grade English students, you need a hardly more than a third grade education. I know this is not completely true but again I be dissimilar with magic a big name who has gritty a high dough value for their able hours, there by creating an add to in my taxes. By the way magic someone, that new collection construction you put such a high money value on is beautiful, but aren't they assumed to have a lot of books in them?

The poor drifting hand in all probability never had a school, or governess and has no need of a library, since he doubtless cannot read, but wait I'm in receipt of hungry, lets go get a book to eat or would you choose a brick?

My drive is not to degrade any profession or character and if I have offended anybody to this point, I continue my sincere apology. My journey is to locate the numinous a celebrity so I may acquaint with my questions.

I often laugh at the value of things. Take for case the most hunted after precious metal, gold. Believe the hours sacrificed by other to mine this metal. How much gold are their talented hours worth? The mystic a big name has set a value on their hour that would barely move a gram scale. What is the value of this metal, why is it sought after after? To the best of my awareness the only use for gold is in the electrical field for its' capacity to possess very a small amount resistance to the flow of electricity and in the health check field for the reason that of it's inert properties, all the same I am sure there may be other uses, but you can't eat it, at least not for nourishment. The pooled ask in all other uses has very diminutive bring about on the value of gold, but for the challenge to possess it in its purest form, for what aim I am not sure, it has barely value. Would you trade all your gold for an hour of time from the asylum seeker human resources enduring able hours if you could be sure they would be deposited into your life account?

Ranting to be continued. . .
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