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Amount and community acceptance in human organizations - idea


Let's argue amount and community acceptance. I had the most attractive discussion the other day with a associate at a brown shop. I was functioning on a quote and read it out loud and then we discussed it for hours. First here is the quote:

"It is attention-grabbing how many groups, religions, teams, martial organizations, etc. offer: "Social Acceptance" all in trade for you bountiful up your ideals, thoughts, own observations and dreams. "

This of course of action later after the dialogue had two qualifiers.

First; You in reality have to have bent ideals, thoughts, own observations and dreams (Many perceive they have bent such, but in certainty are brainwashed like the ample because of media attack and the encouragement contained by the false land of biased correctness. These poor souls have simply confident themselves that they consider language which has been professed as fact all the way through the description of mankind).

Second; The character must be to some extent analogous to the others by now in the group in a number of attributes. (for case in point a black anyone cannot join the KKK, even if he were to agree with there premise and a Jewish anyone cannot join a NEO-Nazi group. A emaciated character cannot join an company of Line Backers and a Chinese character cannot join the Mayflower Society). This is since mankind in order to form community groups by and large picks enemies that in turn bond the group all together in a conventional cause. Such enemies are destined by the group and constantly alteration because of a gang mentality, which mankind is all to good at promoting when it serves a group they wish to control.

Now then when discussing these observations we had some other thoughts.

With such a set of choices for an enlightened individual, why difficulty fusion any group at all? Why would you join any group that would have you as a member? Which as a matter of fact is an admirable question. If you are disposed to give up your values, views and observations in trade for combination cleanly to be socially customary then perchance you are contemptible as an characteristic to give much to the group aside from records which become more intense the power of the leaders. If most groups along with the human species are set up in such a craze it would arrive on the scene that belonging to no groups is could in fact be a larger noble calling. So then the charm of the followers of the most generous of organizations may not be noble at all. Generous up one's self seems to be a waste of a very large cranial cleft and budding brain amount which mankind has obtainable for cognitive reasoning. This is why we say it is "very interesting" how many of these clubs, religions, groups compel blind subsequent and even more exciting how many citizens are disposed to deny their own observations, beliefs and dreams to be suitable for the intrinsic characteristic need of belonging, community acceptance and abide by from their fellow man.

Obviously mankind is a community animal, which means we biologically form groups and work with each other for the advantage of the group. Maslow in his commentary would agree that such a need of man is so great that they would adhere to into a death march, just to belong. Muslim suicide bombers comes to mind. Life itself and the essence of all we are while we are here is in difficulty is all but atrophied when we fail to ask authorization and blindly be a consequence those who use our human needs adjacent to us. We also took into concern Gangs in inner cities, kids doing drugs from peer pressure, accountants cheating to feel right to a company, etc. In about an hour we came up with about 40 examples, which seemed to correspond to most of societies major existing issues and problems. In the franchising industry, we deem one be supposed to keep the local convergence environment and local feel, not including having to give up their values, dreams, ambitions, self or observations.

It would behoove ancestors to join groups to solve the needs of the human atmosphere that do not command one to give up their value system, dreams, aspirations, principles, delicate belief approach based on real observations. Any group of the sort does not serve people or its participants and definitely not those who befall enemies of the group or are used as a little to be against. We as a species ought to get along and be au fait with that the challenge is in the way we form common groups. The challenge is not the fact that humans do form groups, that is openly inborn and perhaps the basis that our area of upright under your own steam homo sapiens was the one which got this far in the first place. There appears to be some needs out there for us to carry on in this tradition so we must think about what we are doing, who we are doing it with, what we have to give up to fit in beforehand we give away the best gift in trade. Desire both. Elect a group, which fulfills your needs as a human being and a groups or groups, which do not call for your generous up your individualism or mind. After all this is a free country, soon to be a free world and we are contracted candor of choice, autonomy of speech, candor of belief and candor of accepted wisdom and it is worth all we have sacrificed to date. A little to think about. That is all for Brunette Shop Idea today. Any ideas along this theme, choose post them below.

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