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All that we are... are labels - beliefs


Within the confines of the known universe, a madness is award that taints all of the awareness which every human being has aquired contained by their life, and inside the lives of others.

Nothing is as it seems, and it only seems that way as the human being has labeled it as such.

Language is the remarkable tool which all philosophers great and small have at their disposal, and it is that very expression which limits comprehension at all levels to that very element.

Indeed, classification begins with ancient man and continues to this day. The life and times of the seeker gatherer revolved about the daily application of cataloging this and cataloging that. Fire, wood, the animals which are hunted, are all a consequence of labeling.

The bookworm may now ask. . . "so what?". . . . and they would be right to a a variety of extent. But from a philosophical point of view an crucial point is being made: what is knowledge? For that matter, what constitutes intelligence? Since the more one explores that question, the more narrow mankind becomes.

It is a dangerous examination that comes with the realism that all comprehension revolves about the act of labeling, and with that class comes a vague sort of astuteness allowing the casual of brain wave and emotion. Clearly, authenticity is judged by the senses. What can be seen, heard, smelled, or touched constitutes how real a bit may or may not be. Along these lines would come an in-depth dialogue about dreams and the clinically insane, but that debate must be for a different day.

When one gets down to it, what is known? Does existance basically consist of consecutively about and introduction "post-it" notes upon all that is sensed? "This is 'milk', this is "your father', this is the 'television'. " Is all aware, as I am, that the know universe easily consists of labeling? And since that is true, what is it that is achieved by mankinds existance?

One deduction would surround the fact that this existance being skilled now is only the preliminary one of understanding. Perchance it is like a aggressive art form: there are endless basic activities that must be mastered ahead of one can carry on and achieve. In fact, with aggressive arts, all who are concerned with them knows the words "black belt" stands for excellence, but the realism is a little quite different.

In most bellicose art forms, "black belt" means only "mastering of the basics", which is big for the reason that most outsiders have faith in that achieving the black belt is the end, when in fact, for the enthusiastic artist, it is only the beginning.

Perhaps that is the state of mankind today: we are only at the activation of our input to this universe. We, as a species, are in the "gathering of information" area of existance. But that revelation (if that's what one might call it) is hefty since it is an signal that mankind truly has an gigantic way to go to do true intellectual enlightenment.

I attended Rutgers Academia and considered philosophy, English, and History.


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