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One of the antediluvian Seven Wonders of the World is reported (many years after all but the Great Pyramid had vanished) to be the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. This great idol has what many archaeologists and historians have interpreted to be just about a thousand breasts on her body. It is being commented on in this very behavior as I type this. The Discovery Concentrate is interviewing an respected Cambridge scholar who looks to know his words are as wise as Solomon. The stupidity of such absurd explanations is not abnormal but still it draws a smile from those who know better.

In the past few months I have read over two hundred books in whole or in part and only the authors of Carthage have an idea about the import of these 'cosmic eggs'. They also astonishment why the Berbers painted so many ostrich eggs and then threw them in gobbledygook pits, near Cyrenaica. The Keltic serpent's eggs from the Druidic learning might give a hardly insight. This next quote mentions 'Pelota' which we mentioned in good word to a game that took place at Chichen Itza to foil needless clannish conflict. It has other meanings and depths involving to life and the passage of the soul that are touched upon in this quote from 'The Mistletoe Sacrament' by W. B. Crow in 'A Celtic Reader' which has been a continual find of mine; for the last ten months as I have explored the origins of the 'Red-Heads' with an obsession some might call mania:

The Druids themselves were known to the Welsh bards by a word that means adders, and Lewis Spence is of the attitude that the ludicrous statements of Pliny exceedingly refer to the approach in which the Druids manufacture these eggs. Later bards also refer to a ceremony in which a ball was speedy and accepted diagonally the water.

The Druidic custom just mentioned, we cannot help thinking, may have been the cause of the inquiring mediaeval rite of 'pelota', which took place in a number of Extensive churches in France and Italy on Easter Monday. The ceremony consisted in bringing a ball of extensive size into the house of worship and after earnestly presenting it ahead of the altar, a number of of the clergy establishment to dance and throwing the ball about in a distinctive behavior {It would be good to know if this originated in Mayan lands or if the Druids like Quetzalcoatl and the Toltecs took it there. They are the 'messengers' referred to in many Indian mythology like those of Grey Owl. }. The ceremony symbolizes both the passage of the sun and the planets by means of the heavens and also the vicissitudes of the soul of man (the causal body of the theosophists). In Egyptian mythology the trial of the soul after death is coupled with the passage of the sun all the way through the underworld. The beating of a rotating top, instead of Alleluia on the Saturday ahead of Septuagesima, a ceremony not uncommon in this fatherland in earlier times, is correlated to this practice.

Madame Blavatsky has some attention-grabbing clarification on the correlation with the serpent cult {A serpent goes up the side of the pyramid at Chichen Itza in certain ways as the sun and dimness construct the achieve that the edifice was re-built to construct by the Toltec designers after the first pyramid had been built by the Jaguar cult centuries earlier. Chichen Itza became an worldwide court of the whole of Chief America if not more. }, which was at one time extensive and which is still broadly accomplished in South India. The serpent is a figure of renewal {And the orobouros of the alchemists is a serpent asset its tail and assembly the infinity type of immortality symbol: or the Mayan algebraic idea of zero they are accredited with discovering over a century beforehand the associates of the sub-continent of India. ). Not only does it lay eggs from which new life arises after having been preserved in the latent state, but the reptile itself sloughs its skin at accepted intervals. The initiate, in the antique mystery religions, went by means of a number of occult processes where his vehicles {Solar body, soul, allies and 'doppelganger' to name a few. } were essentially renewed, and in the representation thereof cast off his old clothing and was clad in new vestures. What develop imagery than the serpent could be preferred to act for this alter in the personality? Above and beyond this, the renaissance by sloughing refers to the renaissance of the brute body by re-embodiment and the renewal of races and worlds of the theosophic cosmogony.

Some ancient peoples, after a death has occurred, act a ritual in which the performers are not speaking into two groups and a struggle for the body takes place connecting the parties. This refers to the struggle concerning the powers of light and darkness for the apparition o the deceased, an eschatological myth of many antediluvian peoples. In the classes of the evolution of this ritual it became a game in which the skull alone was the be against of combat or had to be kicked into the goal. The a range of forms of the game of football and polo, and i don't know other ball games, are alleged to have originated from this, the first devout connotation having develop into lost. The Druidic ritual of snatching an egg and in succession away until one got over a brook (which acts as the goal) suggests a alike game and connects up with funeral games. The egg or ball is an brilliant figure of the causal body, if one can consider clairvoyants, who see it as a kind of rounded or egg-shaped structure, in fine be of importance {Similar to ectoplasm as seen in ghosts. } of the elevated mental {I would categorically NOT use this word. } plane. After death, according to financial records of occultists, there is a kind of play of forces, good and evil, which do seem to struggle for the possession of the causal body and to ascertain whether it goes to a good or bad incarnation when next it descends to clothe itself with coarser matter.

The Druid's egg, says Pliny, was nameless to the Greeks {They absolutely knew about the Temple of Artemis with all the eggs some contemporary Cambridge scholar thinks is breasts, and Pliny the Roman is not an initiate in the Eleusinian or Cabiri, mysteries, to my knowledge. }. But other kinds of eggs are mentioned in Greek and Hindu mythology, and the dedication of an egg was one of the most critical acts in the cloak-and-dagger ritual of the Eleusinian mysteries. The Christian Minster continuous the use of the same symbol, as we see in the so-called Easter eggs, and in the ostrich eggs which are still to be seen execution in Orthodox Varied Churches in the East. In fact a whole address might be caring to the representation of the cosmic egg. "

We must delve into many equipment this quote engages. In some ways I am easily offended about doing so in this book. I have printed about my experiences and delve into on the stele I found after the Pelota at Chichen Itza in other books and that makes re-telling the story a bit redundant. The be relevant of good and evil and 'Some ancient peoples' this creator is conversation about is most troublesome. How can I do what millions of philosophers during account have been powerless to fully explain? It is clear that the Christian minster on loan more or less all the apparently pagan rituals. The empathy is admitted by de Vere and Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings and the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians) to be alike to their ahead adept Count Dracul or 'Vlad the Impaler' and the parasite practices. My come across with exorcisms is all-embracing an adequate amount of to know that the Varied House of worship takes benefit of some beautiful easy situations and makes them a big issue for the aim of self-promotion. I counsel conception The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley for a documentary trip down that road. The be important of the fight over the soul that sounds like some of Dante Aligheri's "HELL" is not the be relevant of Druidic cosmogony. It is the tactic of FEAR-mongering by Christianity such as the 'sins and demons' we touched upon in the issue of health ailments and Paracelsus.

Mr. Sharkey spoke about 'representing each world contained by the other', as he described the Druids. There was a guided spiritual ritual part to some of what went on at the Pelota in Chichen Itza with the big ball, that goes into the realm of the time-space continuum, and free abundance that students of the Nagual's Way from Castaneda might absorb that I won't delve into, again. Are there actually 'Other Worlds' as the quantum physics 'Many Worlds Interpretation' assures us and Wigner or Schrdinger (Nobel Laureates) say the Mandukya Upanishads depict accurately? Have you read the Tao of Physics by the physicist Fritjof Capra and seen what he says about S-Matrix concept of Math and the 'I Ching'? Consider me this creator (Mr. Crow) might have to turn into a raven if his 'whole lecture' would do the trick in explanation the cosmic egg.

We have made it clear the Kelts held in the eternal life and apparition world or they wouldn't have made loans to be repaid after death. We have said they didn't fear death and that they had no corrective 'unmerciful God. But there are leprechauns and the Fianna of the great antique Irish king Finn who the Phoenicians liked and named themselves after. So we are jammed in this fix of construction ostensible conflicting statements come together. We said the spirits might take a child or their energy if the mother let the spirits know the child's name. That doesn't sound like the work of a leprechaun! You have heard about 'witches' and you know we've been defending them, too. You in all probability admiration if this isn't all 'hocus-pocus' and barbaric effects anyway.

There are good associates that I know who deny and avoid these facts like they are 'THE PLAGUE'! It isn't going to make your life easier when you open these doors and see the thousands more that await you beyond. Occultists are often 'sophists' or will engage in literalism too. Who can say what equipment God might be adept of? Who certainly believes in such a force anyway? Most colonize pay lip-service to it. The Kelts we have said (and Admiral Morison ridiculed) were different. Evidently the Phoenicians demanded the best own allegiance to their beliefs, at least from their be in the region of anyone or citizen. When their kings are seen having to give their first born to the god Baal (Bel = BL) are they just babel-ing (BBL and later the Bible)? Some of these kings were front men or women and there is passable proof they did these things, but that doesn't mean they all did it. Carthage had a autonomous type of control according to Aristotle and maybe this was the cross kings had to bear like the Keltic custom of burning the director at the end of their term in agency (25 year term, and this made for less fraud and 'cronyism'). This can develop into cute barbaric as we have seen with the 'Devoted Ones' but it became a celebration and the harbinger of the 'wake'. That seems proof a sufficient amount that death was not feared any longer than the North American warriors who 'counted coup' feared their 'maker'. So what if all these cultural beliefs are common crosswise the oceans? What does it be relevant to you now if you are 'getting yours'? Why 'open a can of worms if you can't close it'?

Maybe we ought to leave this kind of talk to a different book and just point fingers at the cathedral that hides these truths from us. Maybe our happiness and abandon are develop under their ministrations. If there are spiritual army that can mess with us. There is a lot of merit in my concerns about this and there is a law of the Magi that says 'Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent'. We've before now given a lot of seats to look for the answers to esoteric questions like these and it might be best to keep this book on the bookish level of ethnology or anthropological contradiction of the reasons and realities that actually', are the description of everyday life. We could talk about laws and minstrels and make cute poems to amuse the person who reads and still have done a lot to help associates see the background was no more barbaric than we are. Why did the Druids be a consequence this law and keep so much of their acquaintance in 'verbal traditions' such as the Qaballa was made from? Were they certainly so fearful of this data being abused by depraved or un-disciplined 'posers'? Did they certainly think their soul would be judged as degrading of advance if they broke this law? Assuredly if they could sell the acquaintance of shape-shifting and the 'Lost Chord' they could have made life a lot advance for a lot of people.

The truth is they could have done no matter which or had no matter which they hunted at the point they rose to the maximum level. In fact the moral dilution to have such acquaintance is more critical than the mental or substance data in good word to the 'Stone'. I am sure money and power is a pursuit that blinds ancestors all the way through their ego. This 'blindness' that closes the soul to 'what is' or as Jesus said 'the breathing member of the clergy within', will avoid any politico from being paid their hands on something exceedingly dangerous you might say. That might be true, too. There were some equipment that they knew which could be abused though, and it was (and is) central to do what is RIGHT. That is a further law of the three laws of the Magi. RIGHT THOUGHT=RIGHT ACTION!

He's evading and waffling, you might say. What about the effects this guy said about the clash over the soul when we die? What kind of agency do I have to bicker with occultists like Madame Blavatsky who heralded my desired governess Jiddhu Krishnamurti and helped Annie Besant teach him? In the final examination you might say I'm a character engaging in 'sophistry' and ego too. We know that no one anyone can certainly know God or all these belongings so why read what I have to say? For now I decide on to say that we are going to cover the belief of the Druids who were the dominant force in thousands of years of human background in a later chapter. But I don't want the person who reads to think the Druids or Kelts were so ego obsessed or anxious as to worry about spirits capturing their souls once they had grown an adequate amount of to know their name; they also were 'protected' from the less important fixated armed forces of the limbo or interstitiary state of the character world which may possess a soul.

Yes, they had a lot of scary folklore and tales about evil acts of damaging and other forces. Every now and then these tales are like the financial records of war on the friezes or frescoes of the Mayan, who sought after colonize to know the stupidity of war. At times there were associates who desired this motivation to take the time to learn adequate to guard themself. In all cases as long as the Druids were still about (before the Roman 'bounties') they had remedy to defense if a touch exceedingly bad occurred. At the same time there was a better amount of 'fate' and 'destiny' in this creed than I think is real. I cannot say for sure that there were colonize at the maximum level who knew change for the better the import of 'free will'. I cannot even be sure what extent or level of free will or 'world mind' existed in their collective unconscious (Jung). There are lots of Celts and colonize from post Druidic times who write about Druids as if they know them. Some of these citizens are absolutely 'far gone' when it comes to the inexorableness of the recurring character of the 'forces'. The Etruscans are good examples of this and the Carthaginians who associated with them or were their 'brothers' assuredly had a lot of that in them too. But that is a time when the macho power-trippers had before now made great inroads into the creative nature-worshipping culture, too.

The historians have barely to go with in the minutes of history. We often are left with the words of Caesar in the first century BC. to authorize that there were many schools of Druidry as the best recorded insight to ahead times. In Gaul the best data seems to go back no auxiliary than the fifth century BC. and decoration is the hardest proof. Gimbutas has the Old European alphabet that takes us back a long way but many scholars aren't converted since they don't appreciate the esoteric symbology. There are those who laugh and point to Stonehenge or Carnac in Brittany, and of choice the Pyramid they know it's the work of the Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders. But they can't prove a assured bond to the Druids. At least not in the eyes of those who create the mandatory principles of proof in the halls of academia. They note that the term 'goddess-worship' or Wicca may not even have existed until the 18th century. We can say the term isn't the point and the minutes of historians are propaganda.

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