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Joseph brant and the hegelian dialectic - attitude


I admit I am only able to bestow guesses as to the character of how the elites might call together or make known to each other the characteristics of joint good at another times. I have traveled in some circles where some of these colonize are award and I may have overheard a few equipment from others who work for them but it is pure deductive reasoning in the final analysis. The Jacobin Scottish era shows us that Hume, Carlyle and Gibbon where read-through with each other and next a plan to lessen the minor aristocrats or keep them in the dark. Who did these ancestors bang to in the Stuart Royal camp? Bonnie Prince Charlie was conflicting by his own broad-spectrum when the French did not send troops as promised so we can amazement if the associates like William of Hesse and the De Medicis who act as one abruptly after this were involved. Noticeably Robespierre fomented a Revolution they looked-for in order to clean over-indulgences of the Crowned heads in France. I am cute sure that the Hegelian Dialectic borne of the top-down Companionable ideology was a factor. They were live many sides and some very high personages were left out of the loop.

The Royal Society built-in a shadow authority and Francis Bacon may have been the genuine offspring of Queen Elizabeth. At that time we saw a concentration of the best minds under the sponsorship of the Stuarts. The Stuarts are the Milesian BEES and so are the Benjaminites like the Rothschilds who got the De Medicis monopoly and spy network. If you put it as one it is worth speculating that a few colonize like Lord Mountbatten and Pierre Dupont de Nemours are in a arrange to make or control decisions. To what extent they get manipulated by their own paladins and how far the conflicts in their own midst go is the big distrust mark.

The head citizens of the Priory of Sion were often from the alchemists in the Royal Citizens so we can speculate that an inner group of citizens there were of great importance. When Dan Brown (Author of The Da Vinci Code) had the tie in to Roslyn and the Sinclair Stewarts there he was building a akin guess to what I am saying.

The use of myths like the Grail legend or other dutiful denominations they have acceptable the Masons to start (Mormons, Scientology, Billy Graham and fundamentalism, Calvin, Luther and all the rest) are mirrored in the Hindu Tradition. They were continually in touch with that part of the world and China. The Tarim Basin was once a essential area that their top citizens resided. The Basilidae of Hecateus' breed and the Basilians who draw from therefrom as well as the Nestorians are data of this in the Greco-Roman to current era. In America they had the Toltecs and Mediwiwin who were not at all times disposed to toe the line just as the Ptolemies like Juba had been unwilling to go along with the major power grabs and Brutus was doing to Caesar. These belongings call for a lot of conception and researching and I have done the bulk of the work to make these equipment into a incessant and acceptable guess at true history.

Thus it often crosses my mind and I have to tell colonize who are into some of the 'Conspiracy Theories' such as Jesuits, Rothschilds and the rest; that it has constantly been the case for the last 5,000 years James Joyce dubbed a 'nightmare'. It is not one group all on their own, and it is not new. They have tried to let associates take part in their own instruction and command but often this back-fired. I can defend many of the clothes they have done. The time for true adjust is upon us however.

Could the 'hide the ball' battle or practice that keeps our interest away from the real catch and lack of freedom, such as the 'Red Scare' (Palmer Raids) or apply of leninism be taken over by anti-smoking and ecology? I'm sure the ancestors in the trenches of these battles are good colonize who have no mysterious motive. But my cast doubt on is worth assessment about on the road to establishing priorities, I hope. The maximum level of commerce where the maximum evolution has occurred might be in the field of 'social engineering' and polite biased intrigue. This is one area of human education that I see no antiquated gift and intent to acquire into larger adeptness, until the myth-making of the Mediterranean patriarchs or what Jung calls the 'Ur-stories'. From that point ahead equipment have taken a far more Synarchistic despotic turn. The association of Onassis and Winston Churchill is one that I find most captivating but no better than the Iroquois roots of the Randolphs or Churchills. The Indian name of Joseph Brant tells us his member of the clergy tacit what attitude his son would have to take.

In the tradition of the Mediwiwin Civilization of pre-Columbian Masons in America and the genetically proven Sioux to Iroquois Haplogroup X trackers performance they are white, we have Joseph Brant who is a proud Mason. Churchill is associated to him; and since Churchill was also a Druid and Mason among other clothes together with the Rhodes development of Illuminism, it gets attractive to see this. Of course, one must bear in mind that Thomas Paine said Building material is based on the 'sun' {son} worship of Druidry and that the Adams Dragons are in this too. This is taken from the respected administrator Masonic site of British Columbia and the Yukon.

"1742 - November 2, 1807

The Mohawk Thayendanegea, also known as Joseph Brant, served as Code Chief of the Six Nations Indians, a Christian messenger of the Anglican church, and a British martial administrator at some point in the U. S. War of Independence.

Brant was born in 1742 near what is now Akron, Ohio and given the Mohawk name of Thayendanegea, gist "he spaces two bets. " {N. B. } He inherited the eminence of Mohawk Chief from his father.

A scholar of Latin and Greek, he helped decipher Mark's Gospel into Mohawk. With the help of the Iroquois, he fought for the British adjacent to the American colonists. After the war he led his citizens to what is now Ontario, Canada. Joseph Brant died in Burlington, Upper Canada on November 2, 1807.

The story of his rescuing a Continental soldier may be apocryphal. " (6)

"Apocryphal" conceivably but it is also confirmation of his link with a media spin which makes his citizens customary on both sides.

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