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Minister ernetti and the philosophers stone - beliefs


And there will be many 'experts' who say that light speed is still not transcendable or that time is linear and it is not likely to do many effects that I posit in these pages, I know. I offer up this site to these colonize and say that the whole truth of what Black Ops and other agents of real acquaintance pursue is not under the be in charge of of NASA or The Smithsonian and other communal or fairly transparent assembly of academe and government. Here is a site worth looking into that discusses some of the belongings that many have known for a long time. It does not consist of the Varied scholar/physicist who allegedly has residential a chronovisor in conjunction with Werner von Braun and Fermi's inputs that would be alike to one thing the Philosopher's Stone could attain (http://www. lerc. nasa. gov/WWW/bpp/TM-107289. htm).

"Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (1925-1994) was a Benedictine priest, scientist, and world-class agency on "archaic" music (pre-Christian to 10th century A. D. ). He claimed to have yoked quantum physics to the occult arts to build a time-machine-- the chronovisor. Vicar Ernetti said he had traveled to Rome in 169 B. C. to witness a act of the now-lost tragedy, Thyestes, by the priest of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. He claimed to have used the chronovisor to watch Christ dying on the cross. Why would so distinguished a churchman have felt the need to confabulate such a story? Is the Vatican suppressing the full truth of Priest Ernetti's life and achievements?" (1)

It is adjust to say there are many impressions of what the Philosopher's Stone is or what the 'Great Work' of The Philosopher's might truly be. There almost certainly have been some that are careful alchemists who have misled the all-purpose community about it at a mixture of times due to the Inquisitions just as was true with a new of the quests of the alchemist. I refer in this case to the homonunclus or fake man that was made by Thomas Aquinas and his adviser and one-time Dominican bishop Frater Albertus Magnus. They were more or less as Delightfully Inspired as Constantine in their counter to the agents of the heresy trial they were about to face.

Personally I would give Constantine the Peabody Award for Marketing as he (A Mithras worshipper who was made divine by his brood at the point of his death in the pagan custom of Roman Empire-builders, who also had many of their relatives killed in horrific ways at that juncture. ) co-opted the doctrine of Christ. It is my estimation that Christ was an alchemist as were his ancestors plus Solomon, and Melchizedek. The maneuverings are many to say the least. Today most citizens still think there is truth in the lie that alchemists were hermits in the hunt for to make lead into gold and yet that was the appeal of fully grasping medieval kings and nobles. Alchemists like for my part do have to live the solitary person continuation if they (like me) are unwilling to sell out, but many of them are contained by the innards of the hegemony. They buoyant many fakirs to lay claim to having the capability to do belongings they could not do.

Aquinas and Frater Albertus (greatly all the rage by one of the Illuminati founders - Goethe) said that their homonunclus was 'the talking-head of Jesus'. Now what might that exceedingly have been that they made? I be redolent of they were in the administer of construction a Stone and had a way to portend a few procedures that the likes of Edward Kelley did. He too is said to have had a Stone and England's arguably best scholar (and spy) John Dee said Kelley. But I think Aquinas and Magnus had the same thing Kelley had - a scryring stone or skull. Such skulls as are found in Mexico have a many millennia artifactual association in ancestor-worship all over the ages and all cultures have had some kind of shamanistic citizens who familiar all through them.

I know that this is not a full key and there is no way I can give a real and full come back with in a few pages. The lies of those beating the data are equaled by the lies of those in search of or fearing the knowledge.

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