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Visions of heaven and hell on earth - attitude


Let us now doubtfully endeavour to contact the sentient of an old Buddhist maxim which states "To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell. " and inside computerisation lies such a key, narrated by Tilda Swinton in a tranquilizer voice that evokes silky faith of a account of the HAL 9000.

Objectivity: Please note the in predicting large scale changes in the way many equipment are done too often actuality turns out to be quite different, from the predictions. Mark Harrison was a associate the an association called "The Lead Pencil Club" aimed at pulling the plug on the electronic revolution. and pledged:

"We will avoid fax and hang up on voice mail. We will catch no E-mail and send none. If our computers advance a virus, we will seek no cure. Our data lines will be face to face. If aim human associate is not possible, we will write calligraphy in our own scrawl for the reason that that scribble is a mark of our personality. "

The overriding beliefs demonstrated during this artical is that know-how is bad, avoid it at all costs, it assumes theat just since one appearance of know-how is disagreeable or a waste of time all of it is, but this approach causes us to miss out on some of the finer enhancements to our lives that technology, all the way through computerization, can add.

Visions of heaven: The build up of societies, organisations and laptop systems are all affecting in one direction: away from top-down focal be in charge of and towards flat, distributed, team- based webs. Central processing unit expertise sets us free and brings us together. It is a force for democracy: comprehension is power and these acquaintance machinery are existing to everyone.

Visions of hell: Sixteenth-century French prophet Nostradamus foresaw 1999-2000 as a time of tremendous upheaval, wars, even (possibly) nuclear annihilation. There are not many belongings in life that are cost free!. . . . nearly the whole lot has some kind of cost to it. Even if some clothes don't cost money, some cost must be exacted. The Bible says, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul in hell forever. (Jesus said, Matthew 16:26)

Conclusion: The Bible will teach us that we are to count the cost of our commitments. Is there a price tag for your soul? Jesus asks the most profound distrust "What will it profit us if we gain everything, but lose our soul?" Jesus is asking if we have certainly attention about costs; spiritual and material.

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