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Comprehension and study of community knowledge - beliefs


. Human being Comprehension & common science

Human beings are the best beast of the Creator. Why? Human being has got some clear-cut qualities, behaviors, sensitiveness, instincts, education, capability of prediction which are absent in beasts and other creature. The mankind is well thought-out as 'ashraful makhlukat' and is immensely blessed by the Creator. Only the human beings have been given the capacity to come by acquaintance of another twigs of civilization. But regrettably learning the prime means of acquiring knowledge, as it appears is no more data based and now a days, its aim appears chiefly to have an institutional gradation or certificate just for securing one's earning. Needless to say, pains of construction up the next cohort and a beneficial citizens can only make certain flourishing and happy expectations of our association and augmentation of civilization.

Man is rational beast and his tricks are anticipated to be founded on rational thinking, conscious prediction, belief and acquaintance based wisdom. By and large an educated associates are well thought-out to be a educated people. But definitely mere institutional learning is not adequate to be rational and erudite in true sense. Prudence differs from inhabitants to nation, citizens to civilization and it changes with time and change of civilization.

II. Gears of Knowledge

For the sake of up to date change of all disciplines the ancestors have to develop into conversant in real sense. A man has to transform his acquaintance into wisdom. In the task of locating problem, formulating plan, captivating decision, execution of certitude a character must apply his comprehension gathered above all from the study of community science. Comprehension thus consists of some basic mechanism which are as below:

a. Education
b. Ability of perception
c. Attitudes
d. Belief
e. Prediction
f. Rationality
g. Consciousness

The above apparatus are discussed below as I have implicit from the lectures listened. I care about the discussions on the topic to be actual and productive for appreciation the civic dispensation one of disciplines of the communal science.

II. a Education: the foundation of acquiring Knowledge

Studentship is a key part of one's life. It builds up a man to be educated. Once this part ceases he enters into his running world where he faces the reality, solves evils by using and exercising the data he gathered by way of in receipt of education. Even even if acquiring awareness is a incessant administer and it never ceases.

A man can adjust the assembly and chemistry of his brain in a detail area by continually using his mind in a a number of way? The way must be a rational one. The first allegation here is that he can make eternal changes in the way he thinks and feels, but there is a different implication. Lasting adjustment means that if he is to alteration the way he thinks, he has to undo certain changes. This takes more than wisdom; it takes time and effort, not just knowing, but doing. Rational prediction is a brain raid task that needs acquaintance and wisdom to happen an act considered for the welfare of the society.

The cast doubt on is not of knowing, but of mounting our wisdom, our inner knowledge. Our accepting must increase. Wisdom is the essence of knowledge. Just like aroma is attained by squeezing the essence out of flowers, so wisdom is the sum and substance of all knowledge, all experiences. Wisdom is a fragrance. When a thousand experiences and acquaintance are compressed, one drop of wisdom is attained.

Vision is to be broadened, or else established data will be of no use for the betterment and welfare of the circle and mankind. Now-a-days, mostly, in order is regarded as knowledge. The more one knows, the more educated he considers himself to be. Amount means attribute to him. Conversely much in sequence he gathers, it will all be borrowed. Awareness is one's own.

A human being is like an onion. Confiscate one layer, and there is a further layer; amputate this and there is yet another. A man is nil but a anthology of knowledge, experience, information, understanding, education, impressions, cultivation and tradition. A man is buried by his own coverings.

II. b. Aptitude of perception

A man has to attain capacity to perceive the 'cause and bring about relationship' of any work or clash and its consequence. Only capability to do some work or to absorb the must or causes of doing the work does not make a man knowledgeable. He must have some attribute enabling himself to foretell the penalty of the work he intends to do in achieving the goal.

That is to say that a man must have some aptitude or techniques to predict the personal property or cost of the work he intends to do. In plain words, one must care about the costs and benefits. Accepting capability gains and eventual losses or possessions will fuel a man's activities and get his brain to cooperate. What will ensue if he does not reach his goal? How will he feel? How will his life alteration if he does succeed? The belief of 'prediction' lies with the above thinking.

II. c. Diversity of attitudes

Thoughts and attitudes be different from man to man. Men having same edification may not have duplicate line and way of assessment as each autonomous colonize belongs to some own values, morals, religious conviction and they are nourished in another socio-economic environments. Besides, the family, the core body of human development, also drastically influences a man in moving some established values, norms, morals in his mind.

II. d Belief

Belief is the elemental thing of all tricks deliberate and done by men; belief awakens one's self consciousness that help a man to bring to bear the moral sense or sense of right and wrong ; good or clear, bad or guilty. Thus, self consciousness and determination based on belief at last allow a man to aim his way of act and employ of it. Consciousness relates to personnel as each of people can see himself from the inside.

A belief is inculcated in the mind of a anyone by a mixture of factors. But not so with knowledge. Awareness is gained by a character by construction use of his perceptional faculties. The perceptional faculties make possible a man to predict the 'cause and appearance relationship' of his battle in rational way.

II. e Prediction

The belief of prediction is an added characteristic which is founded on

1 Knowledge
2 Self consciousness
3 Attitude
4 Way of thinking
5 Belief
6 Method of studying community science

The arrangement of prediction varies from man to man for the reason that of diversity of age, values, morals, astuteness of assorted peoples. In the light of cause and achieve connection as discussed in the community knowledge prediction is to be made. Imaginary prediction in fact is no prediction as it is devoid of knowledge, self consciousness and is not based on 'causal relationship'. The capability of prediction is a exclusive faculty of human beings which is enriched by means of acquiring knowledge. Prediction not based on acquaintance and self consciousness will be of no use and is deficient in nature.

II. f Rationality

Human being is a composite beast having movie theater complex thoughts, instincts, principles etc. Outer conduct of a man can by far be seen and calculated but his inner instincts that are disguised cannot. Man is rational being. He is able to kill the ill instincts buried in his inner mind only all through acquiring acquaintance and diet of rational norms and values. If he fails, there will be no change amid a beast and human being.

Reason is man's only means of deliberate reality, upon which his survival in actuality depends. Whether man is alone on a desert island, scurrying about with a pack of savages, or breathing in a city of billions: man must think-and then act on his thinking, if life is his goal. Man is a rational animal, and authenticity dictates that to survive, man must be rational-by choice.

The dominant arrange of judiciousness in Western development and philosophical tradition dates from the time when Ren Descartes explicitly to be found it in its key attitude in his conception of philosophy. His conception of thinking of rationalism is based on acknowledge for and the confidence in logical knowledge, which he defines with his own means as an commotion having level-headedness in its essence.

Rationality involves some common and developed morals, values, practices, attitudes etc. In the citizens the matters beforehand the men are to be viewed and careful in rational way or path by custody the causal bond as discussed in the communal art in mind. In our development to act rationally means the same as to act correctly. This is in the core of the idea of rationalism. To think rationally means to approximate decisions how to act in a accepted way.

Two Kinds of Rationality

Substantive Rationality Functional Rationality It involves the way to accomplish goal. It involves the line of attack to be fixed for achieving the goal.

Strategy is a bit like method that helps to complete the goal all through a detail way. Policy is a varying aspect depending on the needs, pattern, norms, resource, values, and behavior of a exact society. Thus, formulation of strategies also needs one's knowledge, self consciousness, candidness of mind, wisdom, capacity of prediction.

Human conducts and tricks are pregnant of diversities shimmering a number of attitudes some of which may have adverse bring about on the citizens that needs a rational be in command of by the knowledge. For the data and rational path walk side by side. Human faculties must be rational. If not society, family, or convergence will be in disorder.

II. g Consciousness

Philosophers such as Immanuel Kant think that judiciousness is a clear-cut article of persons. This attitude implies that to be a being means to be a rational being and that one cannot be a character if one is rational. Other philosophers think that in order to be termed a person; one must have a a variety of level of consciousness of one's own consciousness that helps him to gain the art of prediction. Thus, capability to predict makes a clued-up being wise and vice versa. A man by exercising wisdom based on comprehension is an able character to predict the cause and bring about relationship.

A man must keep his eyes and conscience open and aware of the matters and clothes established and episode surrounding him and in the civilization and the clothes happened in the world history. A man is to keep his mind as an open window. Thus frankness of mind in other words is associated with one's consciousness.

III. Selectiveness And human perception: Advanced Approaches Every man is selective in his own sphere of his activities. It is certainly inherent characteristic of human being. In the course of assessment construction the characteristics and attitudes of man plays a vital role. Thus, for accurate choice accurate prediction is basic and here also certainly comes the idea of 'cause and bring about relation'. There are two contemporary approaches of selectiveness by man in collective art which are as below:

1 Close arrangement approach
2 Open coordination approach

Extreme close arrangement advance prompts a man to make one eyed or illogical certitude causing adverse effect. In this classification idea of develop prediction is unobserved resultant narrow dream and thus a man fails to spray the bouquet of his comprehension which is called 'wisdom'.

When a man is not conscious of abstracting, when he assumes more comprehension than he especially has or when he acts as if he knows it all, he falls victim to the "allness orientation". This is the being with the congested mind, the character who thinks he knows it all. Characteristics of a blocked mind character are -

1 Extremely subtle
2 Refusal to learn
3 Refusal to listen
4 Refusal to look or look again
5 Refusal to adjust or keep up to date
6 Assuming data that one doesn't have
7 Refusal to ask questions
8 Jehovah complex
9 Self-satisfied Man
10 Refusal to ambassador responsibility
11 One-way communication
12 Poor mental physical condition and Inferiority Complex

We know wisdom teaches a man to decide on right or wrong. If the choice or any certitude is right then its maker is said to be wise. Thus, we may conclude that he who applying the essence of his comprehension designs a plan or way of accomplishment predicts advance is a wise man.

Multiplex main beliefs make a man adaptable in character and feelings and thus he may at times fail to predict exactly ahead of captivating a certitude or conniving policy. In order to study community discipline one has to learn the 'open approach approach' so that he becomes able to know the dominant socio-economic adventure of the society. A actual association consists of a range of associates belonging to altered religions, values, culture, ethics, needs, children structure.

There are many other variables complex in human perception. A person's capability or capacity, his offered knowledge, instruction or guidance all play an crucial role in abstracting. Adjustment and deal with are crucial off-putting factors, for we live in a dynamic world where things, as well as ourselves, are constantly changing. In spite of the fact that our evaluations and perceptions are individual the above variables play an chief role in our consequence of assertive behavior.

IV. Causal Connection and Study of Common Science

Mathematics helps to appreciate corporal knowledge while foreign language helps to be au fait with the study and delve into of the common science. Dialect is the very tool that we use in communication. Anthropologists and linguists such as Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, along with Alfred Korzybski, have emphasized the chief role that expression plays in thinking, perceiving and behaving.

Study of common discipline is chief for acquiring efficiencies and awareness in rational way to absorb the cause and appearance relationship. It is to be noted that cause and air combinedly said to be the 'causal relationship'. All the way through the custom of perception of 'causal relationship' we may have clear ideas and prediction about the cause and bring about of the procedures that take place surrounding us.

However, the way of apposite and clear deployment of one's data in apposite conduct can promote human store education and business management.

The broad study of collective skill enables a man to attain the aptitude of acceptable prediction in rational way. Methods of studying collective knowledge are:

1 Descriptive method
2 Historical Method

IV. a Descriptive method: This logic has to be utilized in all kinds of research; its only differentiation will be any more or less. For example, we use observational practice in investigation of the catch but later we have to express and write down what we have found from such research. Whitney points out that by descriptive approach of examine it means an crack to locate and circumscribe effort that has ongoing the belief process, many checks of acquaint with category in the field of investigation may be made.

In other words, Whitney's idea of descriptive logic of examine is a 'fact-finding with acceptable interpretation'. Good thinks of descriptive studies as the studies which may add in award facts or in progress environment a propos the characteristics of a group of persons, a amount of objects, or a class of actions and may affect the procedures of induction, analysis, classification, list or measurement. Whitney at odds 'descriptive method' of examination into five atypical types which are as below:

1 The delve into survey
2 Continuity description
3 Case-study research
4 Job and actively analysis
5 Library and documentary research.

IV. b Chronological Approach :This fashion involves "the use of account of earlier measures for the aim of inward at generalizations that may be used for the solving of flow problems". We know that the past contains, if it can be located, the key to the present. From time to time the past lends us light in compelling conclusion by applying our acquaintance to complete the goal. Association is not a static organization, but as an creature persistently emergent all the way through dynamic changes helps us gain superior insight into its arrangement and functioning. The lot has an forerunner annals a artless change of which tends to exert authority on the present.

Thus we see that past logic of examine can be practical to use in all disciplines anyhow of their accepted or collective sciences . Historical attempt is entire in about all disciplines. For example, the doctor of medicine secures case-history from the patient, the lawyer asks his client to divulge the whole story from the beginning, and psychologist inquires about the past of the patient's mental out of order or lack of adjustment. According to Gottschalk the past logic consists of -

1 The assortment of probable sources of information

2 The examination of those sources for authenticity (either as a whole or in part).

3 The breakdown of the sources or parts of sources proved honest for their credible particulars.

Shahinur Islam
A learner of Area of Civic Administration, Academia of Dhaka having exceptional advantage in inscription assignment on assorted topics. Now studying in 2nd year BSS (hons). Devotedly engrossed to have privileged amount on the chastise in abroad.


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