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Animus Mundi:

The World Mind or Decisive Mass of intellectual and spiritual energy was called Animus Mundi by the morally aware revivalists of the turn of the century. The apparition or 'anima' (Aristotle) in all that is includes clothes not alive as we think of it. The Mayans put it this way - 'Do not put by hand in front of your Self'. There is a qualitative air to our genetic mutations and other changes in the world about us. Koestler saw some of it and Bucky Fuller (A 'charmed' character to be sure. ) put it advance as 'creative realization'. I also have enjoyed many other Fullerisms and principles. His 'Observer of the Observed' is a tool I have found beneficial in charge assess even as I seem to be hysterical in the joy of what goes on about me. Bucky said that the world about us is the way it is since we 'think' or 'made' it that way for the reason that of our mindset or what might be termed our paradigm. All we need to do to actualize great and wondrous adjustment is to 'think' differently.

Dr. Janice Boddy says we have a 'Reifying thrust of Materialism' and we need to build a 'Reifying thrust of Spiritualism' I think.


Just as Gertrude experiential in her jet flights over America, there are designs that open and aware artists or associates can tune into. The ancients who worshipped Ra or other sun-gods were more aware of our convoluted and intimate involvement with the sun than you might imagine. It is not just the appeal for melatonin such as the Star Fire Ceremony of the Rosicrucians like Gardner that allow me to say this. He minutiae the extrasensory and spiritual property on us all through the Third Eye. It is not just the correctness of the predictive Mayan calendar which tracks the transit of Venus in its short count. That transit has a means of agreement the bring about of the sun when mutual with the Long Count or Polar Wander Path. I have tried to explain these clothes in other books and I confess it is not a clear-cut discussion; or at least I am not able to make it so. Do it to say, there are ways we are impacted by the armed forces of description that make us a very habit produced human being far afar mere psychological conditioning. The billions of years that life has been evolving in concert with or alongside the possessions of the stars and cosmic or earth energies are in all of us whether we are adjusted to it or not.

When man does not know all the awe-inspiring aptitude he (she) has to build God does God build as well as God would like? When man does not comply with a affirmative corresponding affair and all approach of other life forms be ill with as of it, does that mean it was God who was the problem? I say God (he/she/it) or Divine Divine intervention must grow or complement and man building God the culprit for man's own deceits and destructive acts is mere anthropomorphing ego. We must stop the discordant and racist designs that old religions and other insane constructs cause. There is more - MUCH more wealth and shape obtainable for all life on earth - if only we decently designed to act in creative cooperation with 'All that IS'. This is the real 'Charm of Making'. Clever Design:

WILLIAM DEMBSKI: - Moderately than deal with Bright Blueprint judgment and the math of this approvingly ascribed assistant professor who was given a Delve into Base at Baylor University, that has been in the news a lot over the last few years; I will place some opinion that may be bewildering but touch upon some of the issues of the Derivation of Life as debated in the bigger theme of our early development and consciousness studies. It is a answer with other colonize in a long thread of posts on the be important of Creationism and Able Design.

I see Evolutionary Guess as a study of the Basis of Life not the beginning of the human species. There are few researchers (including Jacobson of ASU who bare Lucy) who will not do any human evolutionary tree today. Darwin did not go to the Galapagos to study humans. He tried also to assert he was not inspired by Lamarck (whose work includes an attunement or qualitative appearance that Russian art still employs moderately than the more quantitative advance of most Western scholars) but it was subsequently shown that Darwin was well versed in Lamarckian main beliefs and employed much of his insight despite the fact that from a assorted premise or POV. Darwin also had a Conjecture of Love. You do not read about it and that is sad, for the reason that that actually integrates what I am about to display if this chat goes to the description of pattern intersectional consciousness.

That is where one encounters an added conjecture - atypical from Interventionism or the alien seed from microbial RNA lattices. Darwin was critically hindered by his money-oriented skill that silent naught of the cellular level of life biologic. They had no microbiology or electron microscopes. It is upon the cellular substrate that each lifeform has been fashioned and the Human Genome Cast assures us we are not so another genetically from the worm. I offer a variety of 'Faith'-based demonstrate as proof of that contention.

This concept suggests that the crystalline assembly of rocks and mineral deposits had a part to play in focusing energy to the biological soup ingredients at the activation of life on earth. It is callous edge stuff and I have only seen one condition on it. I like this assumption as I am a great fan of Line Concept and Solid State Physicists like Robins and Controls of Stanford (He has a fresh book on Concept of life which I quote and have referred to many times in these debates. ). Line Concept tells us that all affair and energy is consequent from 'one dimensional vocal forces'. Now I can also draw the Logos into this and ask about the two muons separated in the deep Sudbury examination center. How can sub-atomic particles connect as was shown in this study? If they can be in touch do they have some basic consciousness? As a matter of fact consciousness may not be only existing in biologic life.

Going down that path will in due course take us to our most feared Author or the collective unconscious, and the ONE of many non-theistic disciplines like Buddhism. I did not come to the point I am at (OPEN), by ask to have faith in in a Creator. I comfort you I am raised in the most Atheistical up-bringing and approach. But now I see some merit in a touch these religions may have intuited somehow.

"In the open state any irregularity causes an energy imbalance to build up, caused by minor adjustment of arbitrary fluctuations in the works in the surrounding region. When some shock causes closure, an energy discharge will occur and the ensuing flow can afford the shock considered necessary to cause a adjust in state of other adjoining junctions. So waves of switching accomplishment will arise spontaneously: these could be the quantum waves: the core attribute of quantum theory. Furthermore, all the ingredients are award from which a running neural association could evolve and could eventually yield a basic consciousness.

The association or grid, now important the "nuether" and represented characteristically by a rectangular mesh in Information 3, 5, and 6, would be integrated the whole thing in the universe. As yet, however, no universe of affair could exist. Spontaneous conception of the nuether had to occur first, followed by evolution of its consciousness, since on this model be of importance would call for careful design. {This came from the site of the Core for Philosophical Candor and an big condition by Ronald Pearson which includes this account of his work as well Articles by and about Ronald Pearson, the Derbyshire scientist who has exposed a build up of the ether that has capability to evolve intelligence. This has provided the math to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, late citizens returned, proving they had survived death. }" (12)

I see so much in contemporary art that wires life after death theories; and yet it may not be our personality which continues to exist in the ways most religions or concepts like Karma think of it. Afar 'limbo' or 'purgatory' and these local event horizon states or emotionally involved energy bandwidths I think barely could be likened to what we would call our own persona. In final let me say cleanly - we must learn to think and difficulty in the Socratian behavior or else we are headed for a lot more war and other ghastly results.

"When she came out of the anaesthetic, she bowed to the continually faithful Alice B. Toklas and said, 'What is the answer?' The dejected Alice was incapable to reply and, after a pause, Gertrude went on: 'In that case, what is the question?' These, it is said were her last words. "(13) And in my mind no bard or mere poet ever asked a more central cast doubt on of life each and every day.

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