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Socrates warned us but we killed him - thinking


The capacity to do a little that requires generations to arise was kept a classified in all areas of human endeavour for the duration of what we call pre-history. It did not alteration when background difficult to the point where ancestors could read scrolls. In point of fact Plato experiential a cut in closely controlled data resulted from the characters alphabet given to the Greeks by their Danaus forbears or colonizers. But you would think characters might allow an change for the better in awareness and society. Actually this is potentially true with any avenue for allotment but would you say that TV has lead to an add to in acquaintance or just an become more intense in atrophied time and perplexing inputs? The shamans and elites who industrial the a choice of disciplines and metal-working secrets progressively became the most brawny associates in the world. When they met each other they were excited to share acquaintance in most cases. It is hard to share acquaintance with associates who are not disposed to put out the years of energy to learn more than some barely thing, they might use or comply with some direct need with.

Some of these families or the superior clan became adept in frequent disciplines, trades or crafts and they traveled commonly about the whole earth as a consequence of the bigger expertise they had. They did not all the time tell the associates who worshipped their comprehension all the facts. They still write histories or have their journalists and collective engineers tell myths and make religions. That would be one aim that most ancestors who have read this diminutive bit of characters might be early to close their mind. Colonize in general do not want to consider that their leaders have produced myths and/or lied to them. They like to have faith in they are smart and have conventional sense adequate to tell when they are being hypnotized all through rituals that they did not conceive but have had not public encounter because of visions or other insights that they think could not have been manufactured or CONstructed.

People like me try to tell the truth as best we can but we are attacked for the reason that we say that culture requires real endeavor or must be weathered all the way through years of study. There have been many occasions when colonize like in my opinion have been made the aim of Inquisitions or other arduous campaigns as a result. Some of my intellectual forbears categorical to build up hierarchies like the top-down Companionable model fairly than the Dialectical questioning of Socrates. This was true long ahead of Pythagoras academic in the Bairdic Academic world Approach headed by Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid. It was in all probability true beforehand the meteor that hit the area where we find the Bermuda Triangle caused worldwide tectonic and tidal cataclysm chief to the death of most ancestors on earth. Some of the citizens who learn a lot in one days think they know it all and they start to think that they can find easier ways to build conclaves or educated people. Most often they are enjoying the ego and power of the exceptional insights they gained by means of prior designs and CONstructs they do not even in part understand.

So when L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. blew the whistle on his Rosicrucian-trained father's enterprises there were few if any associates who could exceedingly consider that it was achievable to 'grab or break and crack souls'. Socrates knowledgeable a bit worse than being bought off for the reason that he refused to stop decisive the truth or leave his kingdom and countrymen. He was branded as a 'conspiracy theorist' and colonize could not grasp the potential he tried to lead them to question.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries. com.


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