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Life in the universe part ii - beliefs


We are most doubtless not the only beings in the universe engrossed in other planets and angelic bodies. Based on gossip and a range of sources of in a row our very own globe is visited by another shapes of nameless faceless airborne items and baffling entities alleged to be visitors from space.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO's, do they actually exist?

Based on thousands of information it seems as if there is no ask as to the existance of UFO's.

The activation of the contemporary UFO era

On 24 July 1947 Kenneth Arnold reported sighting 9 nameless airborne matter over Mt. Renier in the USA. Since then thousands of UFO sightings have been reported. In 1947 UFO's were called "flying saucers. " It is claimed that sightings of UFO's date back to antiquated times.

UFO's - Where these bits and pieces come from

The adult years of UFO supporters have faith in UFO's come from alien inhabited planets. Some say they come from a different dimension of time and space. Others say that the earth is hollow. Contained by the crust of our earth is a little very much like a valley containing a baffling world. Highly cutting edge civilizations of this world could be after UFO's. Many christians have faith in that Satan and his demons are the creators of UFO's. There are rumours that UFO's are amply cloak-and-dagger aircraft of the USA and a number of countries, which means UFO's are calculated and industrial in secret. From my own point of view:There is no agreeable clarification for these items and there is no confirmation to show where these stuff are produced or who is at the back of it.

UFO's - only a small come to of UFO sightings puzzling

The Base for UFO Studies ( CUFOS) says that "any given amount of UFO reports, about 5% - 10% , are truly puzzling. " The adulthood of reported UFO sightings prove to be misinterpretations of actual phenomena, such as planes, spyplanes, satellites, planets, etc. Some of the reported sightings seem to be crop of hallucinations, vivid imaginations, hoaxes,. . And then there are the media hype seekers.

UFO's in South Africa

The dates and sitting room where eyewitnesses claimed they have seen UFO's

1954 - Natal;
1969 - East London;
1972 - Fort Beaufort;
1972 - Port Elizabeth;
1974 - Natal;
1975 - Johannesburg;
1975 - Loxton;
1983 - Gauteng area
1992 - Cape Town;
1992 - Johannesburg;
1995 - Coligny;
1996 - Pretoria;
1997 - 27th August,Secunda.

UFO's - Is there any corroborate to proof the existance of UFO's ?

It is claimed that packed up UFO's were in good health in the past and taken to abundantly cloak-and-dagger places. "Area 51" in the Nevada desert is one of those seats where, it is said, in good health UFO's and aliens are being kept.

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